Shipping ,handling rates

Shipping is processed using DHL carrier, Polish Post carrier during working days (from Monday to Friday) 
Cost of delivery :

1. DHL Carrier ,prepayment 21 zloty ,delivery 1-2 days

2. Polish Post Carrier 48, prepayment 15 zloty , delivery 2-3 days

3. Polish Post Carrier 48, charged when delivered 20 zloty, delivery 2-3 days

4. Polish Post Carrier Express 24, prepayment 45 zloty, delivery 1-2 days

All prices include 23% sale tax (VAT).

No possibilities to collect products from the main office .Only mail order sale.



Complaints are considered when the product has technical or physical defects ,is faulty or 
has other defects which occurred during shipping. Defects in trade dress are not considered .Colors and detail work can vary on your screen than in reality .This can result from parameters settings of your monitor and photographical techniques used .They are not the subject to consider .

Complaints are dealt with at latest 14 days starting from the date of the receipt of your product at our shop. The customer is obliged to inform the shop about his objections of the product promptly to the following address:
The item unwashed ,unworn with original tags properly packed and secured must be sent back to the following address:

Ul.Chełmońskiego 3/10
26-600 Radom

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer .If your complaint is dealt with positively ,value of the product is sent back by the money transfer to your bank account within 14 days starting from the date of receipt of your item and full documentation.

If your complaint is dealt with negatively ,shipping cost are responsibility of the customer .If the parcel is not collected ,it not going to be sent again. The items are going to be stored for 14 days since the date of not collected parcel.

  • Our parcels are always well protected .Before you sign your order, check packaging .If it  has visible damages do not collect it or collect and check with the presence of a postman or a courier and prepare the protocol of damage .This is the subject of your complain to deal with .The courier has the responsibility to wait until you check your package and overall condition of your product .If you order your product with charging with delivery you can check your product when you settle payment to the courier.
  • When your product is damaged or has spoilages, the courier is responsible to prepare promptly the protocol of damage .You have to be given a copy of it .The courier has to have an appropriate form but if he does not have it you have to write it freehand describing the product and its damages ,packaging and protection .Your statement should be dated , signed by a customer and a courier .Your complaint about mechanical damages or spoilages is dealt with only when you sign the protocol of damage with the presence of a courier .The customer has to contact the seller promptly within 24 hours since receiving the parcel.
NOTE :If you accept your parcel unqualified , your order is considered with no claims .If you do not prepare the protocol of damage with the courier you cannot complaint .


In case of complaints you can follow our terms of sales available on our page